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3 min readMar 29, 2022


A Superdoge Production

We live in a world where political correctness has been taken to an extreme, to the point where the ever-present threat of being “canceled” has redefined free speech to mean “acceptable speech.” If something is not acceptable to the broader society, it is deemed offensive. No one person or group should have the power to determine what can and can’t be classified as free speech and freedom of expression.

Against this backdrop, SuperDoge, a charity token that creates positive change through entertainment and NFTs, decided to develop and launch The Degen Show.

The Degen Show, when launched, will push the boundaries of comedy. It is brilliantly offensive, crude, wild, hysterical, and inappropriate.

If you enjoyed Ridiculousness, the Eric Andres show, and SouthPark, you’re in for a treat with the Degen Show. The Degen Show’s content will be centered on viral videos, crypto reviews, game show segments, interviews in “WTF is an NFT” featuring Pro the Doge, and even a stand-up comedy segment. However, it doesn’t stop there. The Degen Show viewers will also enjoy other services, such as the DailyDoge news and updates, and so much more.

At its core, the Degen Show isn’t solely geared towards entertaining you; everything done on the show is for a good cause. Charity.

Bolstering Charity by Intersecting Blockchain Tech and DAO

SuperDoge believes that blockchain technology can revolutionize how charity projects are funded and run. Hence, as you navigate the Degen Show platform to enjoy show episodes, platform services, and make purchases, 1% of all transactions using the native currency — $SUPDOG — will be sent directly to charities via a locked smart contract with a 0% chance of fraud.

The funds will accumulate for three months, then the contract will unlock, and the community — through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization — will decide which charities to fund and collaborate with next. The transactions and balances of each charity wallet will be publicly available and may be viewed on the blockchain explorer BscScan.

So far, the SuperDoge community has donated over 830 BNB to charities chosen by the community.

In Conclusion

When the Degen Show goes live, no one will be spared.

The Degen Show team comprises a mass of talents, from experienced actors, stand up comedians to writers, producers and directors with extensive industry experience. Such a wide-ranging team will never be short on ideas on how to shock and unsettle you until you are rolling on the floor, unable to hold back laughter.

The SuperDoge team understands that Degen Show’s content will not be to the liking of all viewers, but they are perfectly content to have that be the case. We need shows like the Degen Show if we are to challenge the existential threat to free speech. Shows that challenge the status quo and make people uncomfortable are beacons of hope for a future where we can freely express ourselves.

If you are ready to play an active role in supporting the community’s growth, the best time to join is now, before the project launches and while the market cap is low. If you’ve heard about Doge, Floki inu, Shiba, and BabyDoge, you’ll want to look into SuperDoge.

Early birds reap the greatest returns.

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