SuperDoge, Leme & Hollywood reward the Community — Coming to a Digital Wallet near you!

4 min readNov 4, 2021


2021 has been an extraordinary year for the crypto industry, riding the rollercoaster of projects that have stormed the markets with some amazing successes & the demise of many that have now faded from memory.

Our SuperDoge project has continued to make strong progress, building upon the ideas and dreams of its founders and community. Long months of hard work and dedication have culminated in the solid groundwork that is now in place.

The future of this project looks very secure, with real targets being met and previous milestones comprehensively achieved. We can now add to the earlier roadmap a more closely defined future, with a series of interlinked developments that are designed to add excitement, bringing new opportunities to enhance the project and garner global attention for our efforts.

The highly anticipated NFT Animated Series is soon to launch, coupled with the historic release of the first collectible NFTs. The evolution of the comic series characters will deliver further possibilities created with the release of new airdropped tokens and rare NFTs into the deeply committed SuperDoge Community.

We believe the animated cartoon series will surely add many more fans and supporters to the amazing SuperDoge community, elevating this project to being one of the most popular amongst the many new adopters of cryptocurrency joining our ranks. The cartoon series is also designed to be helpful in educating newcomers and de-mystifying the crypto ecosystem. It will be a fun, humorous, tongue-in-cheek ride for all! Something for everyone!

We hope to have our brilliant Community gain many memorable experiences from this journey. As the excitement, popularity & prestige spreads like wildfire to all corners of the Earth we can hopefully enjoy the fruits of our commitment and hard labours.

Well done to our dedicated Community & the SuperDoge team!

We now explore the rollout of the next three phases of the SuperDoge Project & the possibilities for everyone involved to have multiple gifted rewards.

Firstly we have the SuperDoge NFT airdrop & Sale event

The SuperDoge team hideaway is the “Doge House”, which gives members entry into many layers of team interactions, special offers & bonuses, a voting voice, a closer relationship with the development team, the series writers & animators with the many unique advantages this will bring. The community has a genuine chance to steer the direction of the animated series, character development, storylines, making fun of industry “characters”, telling crazy stories, engaging the new community members & simply having a lot of fun!

Secondly, we have the fabulous Leme Character join us in the rewards offer, arriving in supreme style in the first quarter of 2022 with the “must-have” Token & NFT airdrops & an NFT sale event

As can be seen, the rewards can start to accumulate. It will get even better as you participate in the Hollywood release.

The Yield Farming platform membership base will have access to the Hollywood Rewards released in Q2, 2022 as shown below in Phase 3.

Hollywood may be small in stature, however, his presence will make a huge impression upon us all. Likely the crowd favorite underdog, his eagerly awaited debut in token & NFT collectible form will round off the trilogy of the first SuperHero team releases.

Hollywood will bring so much more reward to the community — don’t miss this part of the rollout!

By accumulating the Rookie Cards & holding the SuperDoge token long-term the rewards become very generous. There is, even more, to come to finish this part of the rollout!

The last two collectible items in Phase 3 will also be extremely desirable, as there will be a great deal of competition to acquire these. Whether it is the “Collector’s Edition” or the “First Edition” Comic book NFT, these will be legendary. The real cream on the cake.

Being a Top 100 Holder, by minting NFT’s, winning airdrops & actively trading with the community should give you the chance to be the proud owner of every possible NFT.

The animated series we believe can develop into multiples of amazing new characters, parallel storylines, unexpected twists & turns; all of which will have the audience coming back for more & more. The ability to create further characters & animated comic scene NFT’s, the gamification opportunity on multiple levels to be introduced over the coming quarters will keep the team incredibly busy & the community deeply enthralled.

So much to look forward to!

Stay tuned for the next Roadmap & the SuperDoge phenomena hitting the stratosphere!




SuperDoge is an entertainment and media-based blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create positive change.