Fantastically Talented Writing Team brings our SuperDoge Crypto Superhero to life

The world’s latest NFT animated series, SuperDoge, is well on the road to being launched into the animated comic series stratosphere.

A potent creative team has been assembled from the talents of experienced actors, writers, producers, directors, even Harvard Graduates having decades of industry experience.

The team has many accolades from movies such as “Flight of the Navigator”, Jim Carey’s first film “Once Bitten”, animated shows such as “Gargoyles”, “X-Men”, “Mummies Alive”, action tv series “V.R Troopers” and the industry recognition of an Emmy Nomination.

The enthusiasm and enjoyment they have brought to this project will deliver world-class storytelling and classic artistic animation — this is an eagerly awaited series.

The creative team — IMDB links below

After several months of planning and writing, the talented and deeply experienced team has been adding the final touches to the storylines.

Multiple characters have been cleverly developed, backstories and involved plots have been produced, the team has laid out the future of the animated comic series well into the years ahead.

The three main characters — just the beginning!

With six, three to five-minute intro teasers initially set the stage for the eventual twenty-minute episodes, there will be plenty of fun content to engage millions of people across the globe. The opportunity to build a dedicated fanbase that may choose to engage further with the SuperDoge ecosystem should finally become a reality.

In a few short months, the project has delivered on its roadmap, with this new phase of the storytelling adding a completely new dimension to the project. These are very exciting times for the brilliant supporters, fans, and the SuperDoge community that has been quickly developing over the recent months.

The animated episodes shall be released freely into the world through Tube sites, social media links, on the website, and through many influencers directing traffic towards this new world of crypto superheroes.

The development of further SuperDoge animated episodes, new products, licensed merchandise, and the partner charity rewards awareness will only increase engagement over time, achieving the goals of the project to bring value to all.

The SuperDoge team is motivated to deliver their best work ever, early signs are really promising!

Watch out for the first teaser very very soon. Enjoy this amazing journey with us all!!


IMDB Profiles of our creative Team

Dimitri Villard -

Adam Gilad -

Alex Rotaru -

Terry Saunders -

Zach Comm -

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SuperDoge is an entertainment and media-based blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create positive change.

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SuperDoge is an entertainment and media-based blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create positive change.

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