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It is nearly three months since the launch of SuperDoge, which means it’s time to choose the next three recipients of our charity program. As a community-based project, each $SUPDOG holder will have a say on which charities we will be working with. Voting will unlock on 7/23/2021 and end on 7/28/2021 and will be conducted through

You only get one vote and it cannot be changed, so please choose wisely superheroes! A fair and secure voting system

Here at SuperDoge we believe that blockchain technology can revolutionize the way in which charity projects are run, but superpowers also…

A global pandemic has ravaged many and the world is crying out for a hero.

$SUPDOG is a deflationary meme coin that has a 6% tax rate applied to every transaction.

  • 2% Is permanently burned from the supply.
  • 2% Is distributed to holders via a weighted distribution system.
  • 2% Is sent directly to charity via smart contract with a 0% chance of fraud.

Team tokens are locked via DX sale.
Liquidity is locked for 79 years.


The SUPERDOGE community is the most important part of this project.

Together we can accomplish amazing things…


SUPERDOGE is the world's first crypto superhero. Our community-based cryptocurrency donates 2% of every transaction to various charities via smart contract.

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